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This is the wiki of Flower Platform v1. You can find new web site, of Flower Platform 2, at http://flower-platform.org.

Flower Modeling Platform

Visualize your Dev EcoSystem
Synchronize your Thinking

Source code. Git, SVN commits. Issues, wiki, code review.
Visualize them on diagrams. Draw and navigate relations.
Collaborate in real-time or off-line.

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What's Flower Platform?
Tools that integrate with current Dev EcoSystem1). They help teams communicate faster, collaborate more efficiently and produce higher quality code.

Flower Dev Center is a product of the Flower Platform family.


Flower Dev Center is a web tool that connects to your source code repository (Git or SVN).

You can work online on diagrams and models and collaborate in real-time. You can even do some coding that you can share in real time!

Flower Dev Center synchronizes your diagrams/models with your code2), so that you can continue working from your IDE3).


Community RULZ!
Flower Dev Center is focused on the open-source community. It's optimized for the flows that open-source contributors use. The features are inspired directly from the community feedback4)!

Learn about Flower Platform and see tutorials.

Discuss everywhere on this site or our forum. Follow us on twitter and our blog.

1) By Dev EcoSystem we understand: IDE (with various programming languages), issue trackers / project management software, wiki, code review software, etc.
2) Flower Dev Center currently supports Java and Flex/ActionScript. It will soon support other languages: JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, C and C++
3) A (very fast) Eclipse plugin will soon be available, that will seamlessly integrate with Flower Dev Center and your IDE
4) i.e. from people that are in the tranches, coding and committing code